“Settin’ up the V”

This is the third TBS Vendetta I am settin’ up and still can not agree to what Trappy is saying: “From box to air: 5 minutes.” The reason for that you will see in this post.

You need to remove the front bumper to get the electronics tray out of the carbon body.


First thing I always do is to remove the TBS ZeroZero as it is a very shitty fpv cam. The first Vendetta shipment even got the ZeroZero with wrong settings. Trappy posted a video how to fix it but even with that fix this cam sucks. Best mini fpv cam on the market is the Foxeer HS1177. It also perfectly fits for the Vendetta cam mounting.


When you screw the cam mounting on don’t use the phillips head crews which come with it… they suck too. I exchanged them with solid allen screws. Make sure all is maximum tight because otherwise you will notice a shutter effect while flying.


Yes the HS1177 is the best mini fpv cam but the stock settings suck. I have tested so many different settings and in this video here you will find the best settings by far for all flying situations. The menu might be different on your cam as “image adjust” is in a older osd version under “special” and not listed under the main menu. These settings also work best for the RunCam Swift the RunCam PZ0420M and… the TBS ZeroZero!

As I am using the latest HS1177 version (the connector is now on the lower right side) I had to extend the cable length.


The cam is build in and angle adjusted.


As micro receiver I love to use the FrSky X4RSB as latency is now down to 7ms due to sbus… which is incredible low and so ultra responsive.


You need to take care where to mount it as the video transmitter has a channel switch button. If your receiver is touching it you will always lose your selected frequency.


This position works good!


I don’t use the standard antenna shafts as there is a big chance that the telemetry antenna is too close to the yellow video cable for the fpv cam. This results in tremendous video issues. If you are using the TBS crossfire receiver you don’t have to deal with that problems.


Having the antenna on the bottom also keeps the Vendetta very slim. Duct tape holds them strong and you don’t have problems when crashing.


And here they are our three lil V’s… Micha’s beast in the middle :-).



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