“Krieger build”

Flo wanted me to setup a new Krieger after a fatal maiden by cracking his board. With the brand new BetaflightF3 board on the market I decided to build two of them.

First thing to do is always the frame build.

Then I screwed the motors on… Flo will get the left one with the exciting brand new TBS Mr. Steele, I take again the Brotherhobby Tornado T1 like on my other Krieger builds.

The Krieger camera mount is a bit tricky and the best way in my eyes is to glue in the cam. First you fix it with zip ties…

… and then you glue the cam in from the front and back. I always use a gel superglue for that.

The Krieger tower offers a lot of space for all components. I used a plate at the bottom for the XSR receiver, the second layer for the flight controller and the third layer again is a plate for video transmitter and beeper.

The Betaflight F3 combines a PDB, OSD and flight controller. This is super cool as you only have one layer for all of that. I started to solder on the power cable.

Next steps are the ESC’s. You need to exactly measure the length of all wires first for not running into troubles later. This is kind of reverse engineering for me because I usually solder the ESC’s to the motors first. The reason for this step is because of the board. You need to solder from top and bottom.

Micha was helping me with the VTX part as I hardly could see these pins even with the magnifier… I am getting old :-(.

All wires are soldered now from top and button…

… and with the motors connected I did the first system check. All worked and the smoke remained within the lipo batterie :-).

Time to mount the ESC protectors…

… and no broken prop can harm our beauty now. The foot bumpers were coming out of Micha’s 3D printer btw. :-).

As the tower is only fixed by two screws I use additional zip ties.

The same I do with the cam plate. A loincloth on the front keeps the dirt away when crashing.

And here it is after around 30 hours of construction. Ready for maiden flight!!!

I will update this post with all settings, video and the second Krieger… promised!



This wasn’t the end of the build. For all Germans brother Flo was writing a nice summary…

Shendrones Krieger Build: The next Level

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