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“Radio de los muertos”

The standard Taranis looks quite boring… that’s why I already modded one in the past  using it on the simulator only. My field working horse got new M9 gimbals and so it was about time to modd this one too. I decided to use permanent markers in two colors but soon I had to admit that it is better to hand this job over to someone with talent. Thanks to Maria Andrea Posso Lopez the job is done!

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“Two-Face construction”

This is the construction process of my 3s TBS Caipirinha I am flying since almost one year. I decided to go for the old EPP as it is more robust and the battery slot is not moved forward. I built two Caipis with the new low density EPP and didn’t like it because for me it wasn’t stiff enough and kind of too shaky. Also I wanted to use and fully sink the TBS 4000MAH 3S 20C lipo battery which is not possible with the shaft of the new EPP as the carbon rods are in the way.

Joker 1

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