Monthly Archives: March 2016

“Race gate flybys”

Two days of race training and we installed four race gates on the field. It is amazing how robust the Vortex 285 and Vortex 250 Pro are. We had many crashes and just needed to replace the props. Two weeks full of daily trainings ahead… can’t wait. The new TBS Vendetta will arrive soon too. I had the chance to meet Trappy at CeBIT Hannover for one hour and got a very close look at this great beast. Trappy as always super smart and honest!

“Two-Face construction”

This is the construction process of my 3s TBS Caipirinha I am flying since almost one year. I decided to go for the old EPP as it is more robust and the battery slot is not moved forward. I built two Caipis with the new low density EPP and didn’t like it because for me it wasn’t stiff enough and kind of too shaky. Also I wanted to use and fully sink the TBS 4000MAH 3S 20C lipo battery which is not possible with the shaft of the new EPP as the carbon rods are in the way.

Joker 1

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