Monthly Archives: February 2015


I studied google maps over night to see if my last memories of the crash maybe match with a section of this huge spot. Micha also mentioned that the last thing he can think off was a wooden shack.  After a while I was 100% sure that I found the right place and decided to go back for another rescue mission today. First I found nothing and so I went to the place where I initiated the last turn to fly home. Up from there I walked to the spot I found at google maps as the crow flies.


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“R.I.P. Caipi 3”

We went to a wonderful new spot today right at the mountains. At my first flight all of a sudden I got a broken radio signal one mile away and the Caipi crashed. For hours we went through deep snow trying to locate the wing… but no success. The ground station recorder was in locked mode and so it didn’t record the GPS data. Rest in peace Caipi!