Monthly Archives: March 2014

“Yagi check”

Today we tested the TBS 2.4GHZ Yagi (11DB) antenna. For me there was absolut no difference to the 2G4 RX tuned flying my usual routes. I don’t know if I ever want to go further then some miles with the Caipirinha. If… we’ll check the Yagi again. Thx to Micha for acting as an biological tracker 🙂


“A portable setup”

The final config for the TBS Caipirinha is done. The 2G4 TX/RX tuned are doin’ an outstanding job. The FPV signal is better than ever and flying behind objects so much fun! Also it is a relief to travel from time to time with such a portable setup. Sometimes the big setup with our trackers is a real pain in the ass.