“Testin’ the V”

I promised to post some vids from the TBS Vendetta… so here you go. This is a wonderful avenue spot we really need to spend some time with the next months. This is just a first check with the V. It is awesome and takes some time to pull out the maximum of this beats. Anyway I guess you get at least some impressions of this race toy.

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“Fightin’ the Vortex 250″

As Micha is still six weeks in USA and Flo was flying at the Alps I did a training day with my Vortex fleet and the TBS Vendetta. The Vortex 250 here in this video was pretty heavy with the GoPro and a TATTU 1800mAh lipo. The Vendetta flies just like on rails! Need to do a HD video for ya next time. I know this is still noob style but my skills are improving every day a lil bit.

“Race gate flybys”

Two days of race training and we installed four race gates on the field. It is amazing how robust the Vortex 285 and Vortex 250 Pro are. We had many crashes and just needed to replace the props. Two weeks full of daily trainings ahead… can’t wait. The new TBS Vendetta will arrive soon too. I had the chance to meet Trappy at CeBIT Hannover for one hour and got a very close look at this great beast. Trappy as always super smart and honest!